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About Master William Yeung

Founder/Chief Instructor


William Yeung was born & raised in Kow Loon, Hong Kong. As a youngster he loved martial arts and studied Judo, Karate, southern style Kung Fu, Taekwondo and Boxing. When he played with his friends, they would often try out the styles & techniques they had learned in their martial arts classes. William began to see, even then, that some techniques were more effective than others.

His other love was the ocean. When he turned 18, he joined the Chinese merchant marines so he could travel the ocean and see the world. Life on board the ship involved a lot of physical labor and some of his shipmates taught him Tai Chi & Chi Kung exercises that helped him survive the hard labor.

In 1972 he came to America and worked in his uncle’s Chinese restaurant in the Midwest. In his free time he took judo classes. When he was sparring with the other students, the variety of martial arts he had learned in Hong Kong and on board ship, made it difficult for the other students to get William “off balance” using only the techniques they had learned in their Judo class.

In 1974, he moved to Sacramento & helped his brother in his art gallery. He also took oil painting & picture framing classes. Eventually, he started his own custom framing shop in Fairfield, California. In order to sell more paintings, he went to fairs all over the United States and Canada, stretching canvases on frames & stapling them in place as fast as he could, eventually causing a repetitive use injury. This injury left him unable to use his left arm. Although he sought help from doctors, chiropractors & acupuncturists, nothing they had to offer helped. Still having a family to feed & send through school, he began applying the Chi Kung exercises he had learned while in the Chinese merchant marines and ultimately worked through his injury.

He began an in depth study of Tai Chi when he found master Mrs. Kuo in San Francisco and studied Tai Chi with her on a “one on one” basis. Further study with Master Jane Woo in Oakland demonstrated to him how healthful Tai Chi is because it focuses on breathing, well being, and is also an effective martial art technique.

After teaching Tai Chi in the Fairfield & Vacaville area for 10 years, he has decided to produce a series of DVDs with a few of his advanced students. having watched many Tai Chi instructional tapes & DVDs, he found most of them did not really have enough information for those people who want to study this martial art in depth. With this series of DVDs, many more people will have the opportunity to learn & benefit from this exercise system & live healthier and happier lives. Ultimately, this will help to develop harmony and peace on earth.


To check out Master Yeung's second love, his art gallery, Yelp Fantasy Arts & Custom Framing.


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