In 1997, I joined Mr. Yeung's Tai Chi/Chi Kung class. I was not a natural student. It took me longer than the other students to learn the movements. I attuned myself more easily to meditation and to Chi Kung.  Within a year, my circulation improved. I discontinued taking Gingko Biloba. My balance was so much better that I could ride a bicycle again. I slept better, without medication. My family noticed my mood had improved.

I am now 65 years old. I returned to work, due to the bad economy. My job is at an even tougher prison. Now, I can detach from the daily drama. I am amazed that my employers value my work, for I am the oldest person on staff. My attitude to work has changed. I am strong and adaptable.

Mr. Yeung has been my teacher for twelve years. I intend to continue his class in Tai Chi and Chi Kung. Before I met Mr. Yeung, I met two other Tai Chi teachers. There was no comparison. Mr. Yeung is a master of Tai Chi and Chi Kung. He is also a superb teacher. He is versatile. He teaches with patience students of all ages and backgrounds. He adapts lessons to individual needs.

~A.M. Kambly - Novato, CA

I was in the United States Air Force for 21 years, 17 of them as a pilot. I have followed that with 23 years so far as a public school teacher, the last 20 teaching 7th and 8th grade math. I am married with one daughter and two grandchildren.


I joined Happy Ocean Tai Chi Academy in September 1997 when I was 56 years old. As this is written, I am just about to celebrate completing 12 years as a Tai Chi student. When I started studying Tai Chi, I was looking for some low impact exercise. I had seen videos of people practicing Tai Chi and it seemed like it was what I was looking for. After a period of time in the class, however, it became obvious that while Tai Chi is a low impact exercise, it is very much more. I have learned that Tai Chi is also a system that will improve a person's health and if practiced seriously and continuously will contribute significantly to a longer and more enjoyable life. In addition, Tai Chi is a superior martial art. Your strength, size, age, gender and any other possible physical limitations are not important when you use Tai Chi to defeat someone who attacks you or a loved one.


As a Tai Chi instructor Master Yeung's knowledge is outstanding. He has made a lifelong study of the martial arts and Tai Chi in particular the last twenty plus years. He has studied extensively both types of the traditional forms of Tai Chi and will teach you the best parts of each. In addition, he has created advanced forms of Tai Chi beyond the traditional forms and will teach you those also. His ability to apply Tai Chi is amazing. If anything hurts, he has an exercise to correct the problem. For any possible form of physical attack on you that you can imagine, he will teach you the Tai Chi move to defeat it. Master Yeung's ability to teach is unsurpassed. He is able to give to each student what that student needs in a class with many levels of ability present. I most definitely recommend Master Yeung to anyone who even thinks they might be interested in learning to improve their health and/or their ability to defend themselves.


~D.F. - Vacaville, CA


I noticed in the Grapevine Magazine that Tai Chi classes were being offered in Vacaville and I decided to sign up. The class was taught by William Yeung. He played quiet, calming music and led us through a set of exercises that I did in a “monkey see, monkey do" manner. However, after that very first class I felt good! The exercises somehow engaged my entire body and mind which left me feeling very alive and rejuvenated. I noticed that I slept especially well after the evening class. No matter how tired I was from work I always felt energized and happy after class. When the month was over, I signed up to go again as I have continued to do for many years now.

The self awareness I am developing through Tai Chi is becoming the best health insurance I could have. The truth is, you are responsible for your body (and mind's) condition. Chi Kung and Tai Chi teach you to become fully aware of your entire body, focuses your mind, and works to integrate both into an efficient, coordinated being which optimizes your health self defense is an added bonus.

Important things I am learning: To be patient (really, I am!) To relax, even during my day, I find myself becoming aware of some body part being tense and relaxing it. How to move my entire body in a coordinated manner, Improved breathing, better posture, and to take better care of myself-eating better food choices, more sleep and exercising every day.  Discipline, to go with the flow and not resist, be it life situations or Tai Chi to become more self aware and more in tune with my surroundings. I could say that I have learned a number of exercises, forms, applications and push hands, but that would not be true. I am in the process of learning: I don't think you can say you have learned something like Tai Chi, because in learning, you are continuously evolving. For everything you accomplish, the next lesson presents itself to be mastered.

I cannot come up with anything to improve the way Mr. Yeung teaches class. He possesses monumental patience and is somehow able to keep guiding, repeating and teaching us what to do to improve ourselves. Mr. Yeung knows that each individual must learn at his or her own pace and discover him/herself through the discipline of Chi Kung and Tai Chi – the process cannot be rushed. I continued to be amazed at the depth of knowledge, skill and dedication to Tai Chi that Mr. Yeung has. I do, in fact, refer people to him all the time. I am honored to be able to continue studying Tai Chi with Mr. Yeung.

~sml - Vacaville, CA


I joined in the early part of 2000.  Through an advertisement in the local mailers, my ex-boyfriend saw Mr. Yeung's Tai Chi class. We went to observe a class, and liked the calm, centered atmosphere, as well as the balance of Chi Kung and Tai Chi. I also liked the focus being on individual improvement, rather than rank. I have been going ever since!

There is so much I have learned! I have learned that my health is not something to take lightly. I am more proactive in my health maintenance, rather than reacting to health problems once they arise. I was overweight when I joined Happy Ocean. Once I began doing Tai Chi and Chi Kung, I felt my balance improving. I also felt physically rejuvenated after class. Noticing these positive-changes in my body, I wanted to dedicate myself to getting healthy. I decided to enroll in the Jenny Craig weight loss program, and Tai Chi helped me maintain the motivation I needed to lose 30 lbs.

I have gained much more confidence in myself since joining Happy Ocean. I almost quit Mr. Yeung's class after the first couple months, due to the ending of my relationship with my boyfriend. It was something we did together, and I didn't know if I could continue without him. However, I challenged myself to continue. I began to focus on the gains I was making in class, rather than comparing myself to others. Once I noticed my progress, I was encouraged to keep going. The martial art aspect of Tai Chi has also given me the awareness, confidence, and skills needed should I ever have to defend myself. I am a much stronger person (physically and mentally) than I was 10 years ago.

Mostly, what I have learned is that Tai Chi is a way of life. Your mind, body, and spirit need to be in harmony for you to function at your best capacity. Stressful situations are much easier for me to handle now. When my sister-in-law's father recently passed away, I babysat my niece and nephew for extended periods of time. I don't have children, so being a surrogate mom was a new experience for me. My parents have commented that Tai Chi enabled me to handle the whole situation smoothly and calmly. I have to agree!

I would not change anything about my experience with this class. Most definitely I would refer Mr. Yeung's class! I had met him years before I joined Happy Ocean. His dedicated work ethic is the same in his framing business as in his Tai Chi class. Tai Chi is not a hobby for him. It is an essential part of him, and his knowledge is amazing. I am a teacher, and like all good teachers that I know, Master Yeung is continually studying his craft. Sometimes he will return to class after practicing forms and exercises at home, and tell us that he's made revisions. These revisions enhance the health and/or self-defense applications of the exercises. He wants his students to get the maximum benefits from his class, and encourages them to reach their potential. He uses his knowledge of Chinese medicine, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, and his own life experiences to create the best program that I have seen. No other martial arts instructor that I have seen (whether in a class or on a DVD) has focused on the holistic person - mind, body, spirit - like Master Yeung. I am a better person for being in his class!


~S. Ward - Fairfield, CA

I joined Happy Ocean Tai Chi on March of 2006. My mother-in-law is 87 years old. She practices Tai Chi and walks 2-5 miles at least five times a week. I had heard that Tai Chi was good for maintaining flexibility, as well as one’s internal organs. As I age, if I can be as healthy, and mobile as my mother-in-law it will be because of the benefits of Tai Chi.

I have learned that Tai Chi is not just a physical exercise. It encompasses your mind, body and spirit. All have to be in harmony to be effective.
I can’t think of any improvements that can be made in my experience. There are so many aspects to Tai Chi: breathing, balance, concentration, meridians, forms, etc., that I’m just trying to keep up with what I’ve been taught so far.

I would definitely refer Master Yeung to others. Mr. Yeung’s instruction is thoughtful and patient. There is no rush, or pressure to advance beyond your own pace. Explanations accompany demonstrations. You not only learn how to apply techniques, but also why, and when. “Depending on the situation," as Mr. Yeung often says.

~G. Livingston - Vacaville, CA


We have been students of Master Yeung for the past six months. His knowldege is extensive, his patience unlimited and he is eager to share this with his students. Given his experience, he has mapped out a unique process of teaching breathing techniques, movements as well as historical backgrounds for the various Tai Chi activities. He has a number of visual aids that enhance the teaching process. Class with Master Yeung is not only an educational experience in the art of Tai Chi but one of mind, body connection. Conclusion of class leaves one physically invigorated while mentally at peace. We would recommend his classes to anyone, regardless of age.




I started with teacher William Yeung in July 2014 and have leaned a great deal.   More importantly, however, are the health improvements that I have seen.   My rotator cuff injury has improved to the point that it rarely hurts anymore and my balance and breath control have kept pace.  I have found that I am able to focus better and have become more aware of my body position and health.  I recommend his classes for total body health in the new year.




I have experience with Martial Arts, but I wanted to increase my knowledge of. So I began training under this Master He is AWSOME.. He has many experience. He will teach you all you wish. I learned more about Tai Chi than ever. If your a beginner or experience this class and this Mater is your teacher. if your interested take his class. Go 4 it.


~Ellery D. - YELP REVIEW


I have been going to the Happy Ocean Tai Chi Academy for the past 6 months and the change I have seen in myself is grand. William is such a great teacher and the classes are challenging and fun. I would recommend for both adults of any age and kids.




I have had 3 other instructors for Tai Chi briefly over the past 35 years, and Master Yeung is by far the most knowledgable and best teacher. As a one-time teacher myself and as one who has had many many teachers in many places all over, I tell you that this man has a rare gift: a very generous, careful, methodical, and deep approach that can become as precise and detailed as you are able to absorb.   He is very patient with us and I can see many improvements in my balance, flexibility, ability, and sense of peace.  He also has a deep knowledge of Qi Gung.  I had an excellent  and famous (in China) Qi Gung teacher at USD when he was here, but he did not attempt to teach the many healthful exercises that Master Yeung does, nor explain their complexities in such an easy going,  carefree way.

He also has a good sense of fun and humor which is key when teaching groups of various lower ability!  He has classes at his study and is generous to share his skill 3x/week at the Vacaville Senior Center as well.

It is my measured belief that he is a regional treasure:  the Vacaville area has world class Tai Chi and Qi Gung teacher.


~Michael B. - YELP REVIEW


Master Yeung is very patient with the kids.  My children and me enjoy the quite small studio that is offered.
Tucked away, and not seen, you may miss it unless you know Happy Ocean is there.
We review what we have learned, mixed with new things to continue our learner experience.
The kids really enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.  And enjoy their experience with Master Yeung.




We have been students of Master Yeung for the past six months. His knowldege is extensive, his patience unlimited and he is eager to share this with his students. Given his experience, he has mapped out a unique process of teaching breathing techniques, movements as well as historical backgrounds for the various Tai Chi activities. He has a number of visual aids that enhance the teaching process. Class with Master Yeung is not only an educational experience in the art of Tai Chi but one of mind, body connection. Conclusion of class leaves one physically invigorated while mentally at peace. We would recommend his classes to anyone, regardless of age.



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